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Aileen McKenna

Desire Factor Coach Aileen McKenna

Aileen McKenna

Aileen McKenna is a certified Master Law of Attraction and Desire Factor Coach spreading the message of empowerment and possibility to women in midlife. Aileen has been involved in working with others creating high-level wellness since the early ’90s, using various modalities in her practice and giving talks to groups on her message of personal power using energy healing methods.

Aileen became a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor in 2004, and has taught at least 1,000 students and worked with hundreds of clients as an energy healer for more than 20 years. Aileen. She has taught across Canada, in the Caribbean, and in Europe. These days, she teaches her work virtually and offers her healing sessions remotely.

Aileen was certified as a coach with the QSCA in 2017 and has been attracting new clients since certification. Her commitment is to help everyone in her sphere to have the best life possible through finding and fulfilling their mission that we have true satisfaction in their lives.

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