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Claudine Paquet

Desire Factor Coach Claudine Paquet

Claudine Paquet

Claudine Paquet is a QSCA & Desire Factor Coach, a writer, and a speaker. She is also an awesome teacher. After more than 40 years in the education field, she decided to share her experience in a book: “BY EXAMPLE, Educate with ease and Confidence without Fear or Guilt.

She works primarily with parents, guides them to acknowledge, accept, and allow their Kid’s Power and their Capacity to Flourish in Life. She also works with all members of the family, because we all are a brother or sister of someone, daughter or son of our parents, and parents. Not to forget our inner family (inner child, inner Mother, inner Father).

Since 2014, she has helped athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, parents, and children to manifest what they desire. Her mission is to bring light into darkness and she is here to share that we are Enough, we are Love and we are Divine Intelligence. She is here to Be an Example, to Serve and Share from a place of Love, Worthiness, & Joy.

Like the moon, she brings light into darkness. She can see in the dark. Claudine has laser eyes to see through the situation and she is a compassionate observer. Being the youngest of nine children in her family and having been in the education field for more than 40 years, she has had a magnificent experience in education. In the 80ies she made the choice of applying her educational values into her day-to-day life as a mother and as a teacher. She saw her classroom and the education of their son as the perfect field to walk her talk. She experimented with what she believed in: To guide more than dictate, To show where to look but not what you see.

Since she graduated from the QSCA, Claudine has experienced many of Christy’s programs: Goddesses journey, Creating Money, Abundance Principles, Magnetize & Manifest, Watch Your Words, Light Body, Reiki Master, Vice Freedom, and she is a Quantum Energy Master. She is also a Qigong practitioner and Self-Esteem Coach.

Claudine is a teacher and a coach because she believes that everyone is part of the divine source of light. We are all connected to the divine when we are born but unfortunately, we educate our children (as we were educated) to conform, and to fit into society. And in doing so we interfere with their connection to the source of light. Claudine believes that Education and Awareness are the Keys to Well Being, and shares this message through her work.

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