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Beth Myers

Desire Factor Coach Beth Myers

Beth Myers

Beth Myers is honored and privileged to support Christy Whitman, as her Personal Assistant having graduated as a QSCA Master Certified Law of Attraction Empowerment Life Coach, a Certified Desire Factor Coach, and has experienced Quantum Energy Master. As a business owner, Arrival Coaching empowers women seeking to pivot from where they are today to their ‘possible’ or ‘someday’. She is a Book Ambassador for Christy Whitman’s 3 most recent books (The Art of Having It All, Quantum Success, and The Desire Factor) hosting events that introduce others to Christy’s transformational work.

Beth has 31 years of building REALationships and creating safe places for all as a Public School Educator/School Counselor. She helped create personal empowerment with bullying awareness, prevention, and compassionate response strategies to assist staff, students, and families to create a systemwide impact.

She holds a heart-centered, compassionate space for her clients to transcend the challenges that they are experiencing. As they navigate their journey to thrive, not just survive in life, with more ease, grace, and faith in their life, they are able to step into their light to be REAL (Real Empowerment Allows Love).

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