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Lois Robertson

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Lois Robertson

My name is Lois Robertson and I have always been involved in healing services to others, from doing medical massage therapy for 22 years, becoming a QSCA Life Coach, being a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, being a certified herbalist, owning and operating a wellness center, and teaching health and wellness seminars. I love being out in nature and am an avid gardener and photographer.

I am a very compassionate person who has that true desire to assist others through their healing journeys. My intuition, insights, and experiences have enabled me to acquire a deeper understanding of how to achieve and teach others on having more joy and abundance in life.

After completing Christy Whitman’s QSCA coaching program, I realized that I have been “coaching” many of my massage clients and herbal students for years. I have been a guest speaker for health and wellness seminars and have spoken on a variety of health/lifestyle change topics. Now that I am a certified QSCA life coach, I look forward to continuing my path of service and healing.

My life’s mission is to be of service to others. I have been blessed with specific gifts that are to be used for the sole purpose of helping others to heal, to experience joy, to have unlimited abundance.

I believe this has always been my life’s work and it is so fulfilling to me to be able to help others.

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