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Lori Spano

Desire Factor Coach Lori Spano

Lori Spano

Lori Spano is a QSCA Certified Master Law of Attraction Life Coach, and Desire Factor Coach, focusing on “transitional empowerment” — empowering women and men to create their optimal lives.

Lori has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and started her career as an Industrial Engineer and Efficiency Expert; she then obtained her Master of Education and is a New York State Certified Secondary Math Teacher. As an enthusiastic teacher and educator with almost two decades of teaching experience, Lori has been mentoring new teachers and guidance counselors for over a decade.

After triumphing and perceiving through some very challenging times in her life — a divorce left her with three college-age children, two dogs, and a house to upkeep — she feels a kinship to those women and men who are left to pick up the pieces of their former lives and transition to a new life. Lori empowers these individuals to embrace their authentic selves and identity and ignite their passions to create a joyful life filled with much abundance and success. With her extensive experience working with students, Lori also has a passion for helping young adults in their transitional periods.

Lori’s Joie de vire and enthusiasm helps guide her clients to embrace their genuine selves and unearth their true passions.

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