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Dr. Mary Ozegovich

Desire Factor Coach Dr.Mary Ozegovich

Dr. Mary Ozegovich

Dr. Mary Oz, an LCSW, Energy Master, Quantum Success Coach, Master Desire Factor Coach, and the founder of Radical Change Coaching Academy.

After working 30 plus years as an LCSW and 18 years as a Results Oriented Coach, Dr. Mary Oz has helped thousands of clients experience Radical Change, quickly and easily. Dr. Mary Oz’s unique approach is to combine the best of coaching with Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction. More recently Dr. Mary Oz has invested her time and energy in training everyday people and coaches to be more effective, confident, and strategic.

Dr. Mary believes that Coaching is meant to always be powerful and life-changing she helps people, family and businesses make the changes that are needed for self, love, life, and relationships. She is the founder of the Radical Change Coaching Academy and offers a Year Coaching Certification Program that is powerful, unique, and allows coaches to implement their new coaching skills in real-time!

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