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Martine Werkhoven

Desire Factor Coach Martine Werkhoven

Martine Werkhoven

With love for the laws of the universe & energy mastery, Martine offers her services to heart-centered women in difficult or toxic relationships.

Her coaching is a beautiful blending of understanding the spiritual laws of the universe & overcoming emotional or narcissistic abuse. She coaches from a trauma-informed lens and wants nothing more than to empower you with love & healing energy.

Her personal story of overcoming emotional exhaustion, toxic marriage life, and severe financial abuse is what makes her unique in her coaching. She cultivated a deep love for the quality of surrender and has a gift of seeing each individual as a whole, without any judgment, holding space for one’s most authentic self.

Martine Werkhoven is a certified Desire Factor coach, a Quantum Success Coaching Academy certified coach in the Law of Attraction, a certified Love & Authenticity Practitioner, a certified Healer in Multidimensional Healing, a graduate student from the Awakening your Light Body, and specializes in codependency and narcissistic or unhealthy relationships. She is also a Best-Seller co-author of the book Joy, published in February 2020.

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10115 E. Bell Road, Ste 107 #417
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(888) 551-3121