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Priscilla Lee

Desire Factor Coach Priscilla Lee

Priscilla Lee

Priscilla Lee is a credentialed psychotherapist in private practice for 39 years. She has helped thousands of clients feel better and heal. She believes the Coaching she’s received from Christy and The Council is superior to any workshop or continuing education course she’s experienced.

About a year ago, Priscilla was searching for more sizzle, magic, and FunnSuccess in her life. She found it all in the programs that I (Christy Whitman International) offer. The list includes the 30-day meditations on Divine Codes, Emotions, Life, The Body, Money, Relationships, Divine Alchemy, Divination, and Light Play. She learned about Wealth Consciousness and doubled her income. She signed up for the Goddess Weekend and made special friends. She learned how to free herself from Vices in the Vice Freedom Program and expanded her skills by becoming a Healed Healer and Channeler.

She is a recent graduate of Quantum Success Coaching Academy and a Desire Factor Coach.

She told me her success as a therapist is due to following basic principles that are covered in the Desire Factor Book. She believes Coaching is less stigmatizing, less traumatic, more effective, and quantum efficient than traditional therapy. She is mindful of expanding her gifts of creativity, playfulness, and genuine care in all her interactions.

Using the Laws of Attraction, Priscilla recently launched an online t-shirt business to promote inspiring messages and my Desire Factor book cover. The entire process had special ease to it.

She is feeling the happiest ever in her life and wants to pass this on to you as your coach! Her mission is to share wisdom and healing to anyone ready to receive—anyone ready to have all they Desire!

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