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Rene Murata

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Rene Murata

Rene’ Murata began her career in the industry of gas and oil. She spent over 15 years learning to navigate the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, spending many of those first years trying to “fit the mold”. However, soon after starting her own consulting business, she realized that “the mold” was a poor fit so she started playing with her management style until she found something that empowered both her and her team.

She then spent time developing a consistent and conscious methodology that could be duplicated, intent on bringing compassion into the leadership conversation. Rene’ believes that our true self, the essence of our Being, is rooted in love and compassion. Therefore, to become a truly powerful leader, we must tap into and learn to lead with those same qualities.

Thus, CEO Essence was founded with the vision to share, teach, and empower compassionate leadership.

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