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Zinzi Speear

Desire Factor Coach Zinzi Spears

Zinzi Speear

Zinzi Speear is an intuitive life coach, clairvoyant, and energy healer from the Netherlands. After years of spiritual, intuitive, and personal development and studying and applying the Law of Attraction she decided to get certified as a coach by Christy Whitman in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and expand her knowledge in the Quantum Energy Mastery program.

She is passionate about helping people get in touch with their inner wisdom and manage their energy so that they can release blocks and limiting beliefs and feel stress-free, energized, and in control of their lives. She uses her gifts to give people spiritual guidance to find their life purpose, and manifest their dream life, dream relationship, and dream career/business.

Zinzi Speear has a professional background as a policy advisor for the national government and an academic background in Law, European Studies, and Ethnic Relations in Europe. Her approach is warm, empathic, structured, and supportive. She loves to connect with people and help them realize that they are the creator of their world and that they can have anything they desire, no matter who they are and where they come from.

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