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When you join our affiliate program, you’ll have access to special links that take a visitor to a page promoting Christy's new book. Your unique affiliate code will be embedded in those links so we know the visitor came from you.

Everyone who orders the book can enter their email to receive a bonus package valued at $597—and an invitation to go deeper with Christy in a 16-week live paid program.

What is an Affiliate or Referral Partner?

An affiliate, associate or referral program is a revenue-sharing agreement between a person with a product or service (me) and a person who knows others who could benefit from the product or service (you). It’s a win-win-win situation for you, the person you refer and us. We all benefit and you make money on a sale that might not have happened without your help.

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Offer #1: Quantum Energy Mastery is a live 16-session program over 4 months with daily meditations starting July, 2021. It will be offered for $1,997 and you'll earn 30% ($600) per registration.

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Who Can Be An Partner/Affiliate?

Anyone can be an affiliate as long as you:
(1) Do not use your affiliate link(s) for your own use.
(2) Do not promote our products or services via sites or marketing that contain offensive content.
(3) Only use ethical marketing methods to promote my products or services. We will NOT tolerate anyone promoting products or services through unsolicited e-mail marketing (or “spam”).

Anyone not agreeing to these guidelines will be immediately removed as an affiliate and will not be permitted to receive affiliate commissions. By signing up as an affiliate, you agree to follow these guidelines.

How Do I Get Paid?

We send commissions to you via PayPal once a month (30-45 days after payment is received). It’s all automated! Our e-commerce and referral system does all the work and keeps track of the details. Once you become an affiliate, you can log-in to your affiliate account anytime and check your affiliate stats. It couldn’t be more simple!

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