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Cheryl Hines, American actress, comedienne, and director, congratulates Christy in a cameo moment on her upcoming and anticipated book release, The Desire Factor!

Brooke Burke: Actress and TV Personality, Brooke Burke, congratulates Christy in a cameo moment on her upcoming and anticipated book release, The Desire Factor!

Elisabeth Rohm The Desire Factor

"This book changed my life! ... No matter what you desire, whether you desire particular healing, increased income or financial independence, new job or a new career opportunity, greater success, more love in your life, companionship, a new home or whatever you desire, The Desire Factor will help you achieve what you do want."

- Elisabeth Rohm, German-American Television and Film actress



"Thought can be used consciously and powerfully to create the world we desire, for ourselves and for all humanity. This book is a clear and helpful guide to how to do that."

- Bestselling Author, Political Activist and Spiritual Thought Leader

Neil Giraldo Endorsement For The Desire Factor


"The Desire Factor is a phenomenal guide on how to consciously connect and create the life you desire. Like a tuning fork for a musician, this book inspires the reader to resonate and align with their highest good."

- Musician, Producer, Songwriter and Pat Benatar’s Husband, and Musical Partner

Sheila Gillette


"The Desire Factor is a must read book if you want to be a deliberate creator in your life. No matter how big or small your desires may be this book is the tool to help your desires become a reality."

- Channel for Theo


"The Desire Factor is essential for everyone to read no matter how big or small your desires are, and not matter what they are! Anyone that wants to learn how to go from an idea to fulfillment of that idea MUST read The Desire Factor!"

- New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet


"The Desire Factor powerfully speaks to a new paradigm for the manifestation of our worldly hopes and dreams. It not only enhances traditional meditation and visualization techniques, but also activates your direct experience of the energy source of all manifestation. Once you know how to connect with this energy, you can direct it toward creating any outcome you desire and live the life you were meant to live. Well done Christy."

- #1 Bestselling Author of The Energy Codes


"The Desire Factor is a must read for anyone seeking to become a more deliberate creator of their own life experience. Christy Whitman breaks down how to change any circumstance by changing the energy we bring to it. Her seven step process of Alignment, Focus, Joyful Expectation, Having, Loving, Surrender, and Action, demonstrate the adjustments we must make in our energy in order to magnetize any outcome we desire."

- Founder & Spiritual Director, Agape International Spiritual Center Author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation


"The Desire Factor guides you through the essential internal steps you must take to attract anything you desire in the external world. Both scientifically sound and easy to understand, Christy Whitman leads you to the understanding that the Universe is always listening, interacting and responding. An empowering, must-read book for anyone seeking to reclaim their power to attract what they desire on purpose."

- Star of The Secret, author of The Attractor Factor and The Miracle


"To magnetize anything you desire into your life – whether it’s financial prosperity, freedom of self-expression in your career, or living happily ever after with your soul mate, your energy must be in resonant alignment with whatever outcome you want to receive. The Desire Factor not only shows you how to manifest the things you desire, but reveals the formula for being joyful in the meantime."

- Author of The Soulmate Secret


"The quality of the life experience that each of us is now living in is the result of the quality of energy we’ve been offering. The formula for manifesting any type of internal or external change we desire is simple. Change the energy we’re sending so it’s in alignment with a different result. In The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman shows readers precisely how to do this, and presents this information in bite-size steps – seven, to be exact. The book is also rich with interactive processes that afford readers a first-hand experience of what it feels like to effect a shift in their energy, and to realize the profound external changes that come about as a result."

- Author of Maximum Achievement


"Most of us interact with life as mere shadows of who we really are.  We continue to tell the same tired stories about what’s happened to us in the past and we drag around perceptions and belief systems that oppose the very outcomes we want.  The Desire Factor breaks down the process of how each of us creates the reality we are living, and guides readers expertly through the art and science of shifting one’s point of attraction.   The result is a reawakening to the truth of who each of us truly is at our core: Powerful, energetic beings who have the ability to shape and reshape our destiny in every moment in time."

- New York Times Bestselling Author and Featured Teacher in The Secret


"Desire is at the root of our humanity. Desire for life. Desire for abundance. Desire for love. Without desire, there is nothing to drive our progress as a species. Still, there is a stigma and misunderstanding around desire which prevents people from allowing themselves to experience a life they would truly love. Christy shines her brilliant light on our current ideas about desire and how we learn to not only allow desire, but thrive on it. She shares her years of experience with manifesting and the Law of Attraction as well so that you not only learn about the role of desire in your life, but also how to realize those desires."

- Featured expert in The Secret


"The Desire Factor is a jewel that you will treasure for years to come. Rich with truth, this book is a guide that will help you get anything you seriously want. Wallace Wattles said, “Desire is the unexpressed possibility within seeking expression without throughout through your actions.” Desire is the yeast that raises the dough; it’s the fuel that puts you on the right vibration to attract what you want in your life. Without it, you won’t do what you have to do, to be who you have to be, to get what you really want. Christy has laid it out beautifully for you to read, enjoy, digest, and take action."

- Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich


"Your desires serve a Divine purpose. They provide an avenue for you to realize your power as a Divine creator. Christy Whitman brilliantly shares the principles to get you to your desires with ease, grace and flow. The Desire Factor provides a clear, step-by-step guidepost for manifesting any desire, and for realizing your Divine potential. This is a must-read!"

- Author of The Audacity to be Queen and founder of Divine Living


"In The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman has pulled back the curtain and revealed how successful people fulfill their desires. Well-written, with engaging, easy-to-relate to stories, this book will guide you to a completely new understanding of what fulfilling desires means and why you have the desires you have. This is one of those books to put on your 'Must Read" list."

- New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches


"In The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman shows readers precisely how to change your energy to create your desires, and presents this information in bite-size steps-seven, to be exact. The book is also rich with interactive processes that afford readers a first-hand experience of what it feels like to effect a shift in their energy, and to realize the profound external changes that come about as a result."

- New York Times Bestselling author of Trust Your Vibes


"Your dreams and heartfelt desires serve a very high spiritual purpose. They provide a powerful catalyst to reach for more, to expand past self-imposed limitations, and to become the person you have always wanted to be. The Desire Factor provides a clear, step-by-step blueprint for manifesting any desire, big or small, and for realizing your greatest potential."

- Author and Founder of Women Rocking Business


"Understanding what's beneath your desires are the keys to a fulfilled life. In this book, Christy guides you through your desires and shows you how to live a meaningful life full of all your hearts desires."

- SuperRoleModel, Author Supermodel You


"If you want to be successful in having what you desire, go deep. The Desire Factor is that deep dive into what is necessary for an idea to become a desire, and a desire to become your reality."

- Mentor + Advisor + Investor


"What an incredibly leading edge healer and channeler Christy Whitman is! Thank you for blessing us with this treasure map to our Desire Factor!"

- Manager of Relax Me Online Australia


"Christy Whitman has nailed it. The Desire Factor is a must-read for anyone wanting to create success and who wants to fully understand the power of the process."

- Entrepreneur Mentor Founder of the Trust


"Desire is an important part of the creation process and The Desire Factor is the roadmap for that Divine creation process. Christy Whitman did an outstanding job of guiding the reader step-by-step through the process of creating what you desire in your life. This is so leading edge and a must read for any spiritual seeker."

- Expert on the physics of flow, President of the Wide Awakening


"Christy Whitman has done an amazing job! The Desire Factor takes you on a inspiring journey. Christy has created a must read in the self-help category! Anyone suffering from frustration, overwhelm or anxiety needs to read The Desire Factor and keep it in your reference library."

- Radio Personality, ABA Hall of Fame, Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame


"The Desire Factor is a practical, step-by-step guide to realize your heart’s desire. The powerful and simple process of sustainable transformation can be used for any desire, big or small. The Desire Factor is your GPS to the life of your dreams!"

- Psychotherapist, Founder of Terri Cole’s Real Love Revolution® & Terri Cole’s Boundary Bootcamp®


"The Desire Factor reveals a tried-and-true formula for achieving a frequency of consistent success and fulfillment – regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. From a state of internal connection, all your desires, both tangible and intangible, unfold easily and magically."

- Founder of theBFFlife®, bestselling author, advocate and business mentor


"The Desire Factor guides you sequentially through seven universal principles that will teach you how to align the energy of your thoughts, moods, beliefs and expectations with whatever outcome you desire to manifest."

- Author of Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus


"The Desire Factor is a must read for anyone wanting to create an incredible life. The 7-step process in this book demonstrates what you must do to have anything you desire, and ultimately become the person you have always wanted to be."

- #1 New York Times bestselling author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind™


"The Desire Factor is an expansive step-by-step guide to manifest and attract what you desire most. It doesn't matter how big or small your desires are, this simple and yet profound process will be the tool to get you there. The Desire Factor is a must read!"

- Master Coach, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host


"Christy Whitman did it again! This book is a must read for anyone that wants more out of this life! The Desire Factor gives you the exact formula to connect with the part of you that gave you the desire in the first place, and how to follow through as a co-creator."

- Founder of Life Transformed University


"Our perception of how the universe operates is rapidly changing. Where we once believed hard work and sacrifice to be the path to success, we now understand that perception, attitude, and vibration are the powerful internal forces that account for a big part of achieving the success we desire. In The Desire Factor, Law of Attraction coach Christy Whitman explains the vibrational nature of all things in language that is easy to understand, and provides a powerful formula to follow for the manifestation of any desire."

- New York Times best-selling author of The Answer and Innercise


"The Desire Factor is about so much more than manifesting your desires. It is a handbook for strengthening your connection with the all-powerful presence that created you and that oversees the flow of all things. From the information and processes presented throughout this book, you will learn how to manifest any desire, big or small. But more important, you will learn the art and science of aligning your own energy, and this is the key to finding fulfillment and empowerment in every aspect and circumstance of your life."

- Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of Mind Movies


"The Desire Factor is a testament to the success principles I’ve been living and teaching for more than forty years. Whether we experience happiness or unhappiness; success or failure, depends on what we, ourselves, believe we are deserving of. What we think about, talk about, feel strongly about, and act on, we attract into our lives. In this book, my friend Christy Whitman lays out a reliable road map for how to do all of the above on purpose."

- Coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™, and a featured teacher in The Secret


"We all know we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. The Desire Factor teaches us how to make the most of the human, material plane of reality, as we simultaneously align with the infinite spirits we are. A fine line indeed…and Christy will show you how to walk it…in designer shoes, looking and feeling fabulous every step of the way. Her seven-step process of Alignment, Focus, Joyful Expectation, Having, Loving, Surrender, and Action, demonstrate exactly how to take a desire into its fulfillment."

- Bestselling author of It's All in Your Dreams and the Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck

Collette Baron-Reid Endorsement For The Desire Factor


"The Desire Factor is a must read for anyone who wants to turn their intentions and desires into glorious technicolor reality. The process that Christy Whitman outlines in The Desire Factorwill show you how to align yourself on every level with your highest vision. This is the perfect handbook for our challenging times""

- Oracle expert and author of The Map

Tom Bergeron


"As a TM meditator of almost 40 years, I've often felt profoundly connected to our collective quantum soup. Christy Whitman's The Desire Factor beautifully makes the case that desire not only doesn't deserve its bad rap (thanks a lot, Adam & Eve), but it's actually one of the soup's most transformational ingredients."

- TV Host and Soup Resident


"You might be more skilled or knowledgeable than the person next to you, but desire is often what determines who ultimately fulfills their goals. If you want to attain a level of desire that separates you from the rest and empowers you to achieve, then The Desire Factor is the book for you."

- Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, bestselling author, and top business coach


"The Desire Factor is not only bold in its premise to help us fulfill our dreams, but it positions shiny material things right next to the divine nature of spirituality. The two have always walked hand in hand and it’s about time we find a book that calls it out so purposefully."

- Author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go?


"The Desire Factor is life changing! Whatever your desire in life might be, this book is the step-by-step action plan to get you there. Simple. Practical. And at the same time so expanding."

- Relationship Coach and Podcaster


"If you have any desire big or small that you want to fulfill, read this book. The Desire Factor has a simple and yet profound step-by-step guide to make your desires a reality."

- co-founder MindValley


"The Desire Factor is a book that is on the must-read list! Christy Whitman outlines the step-by-step journey of how a desire becomes a reality. If you follow it, you will too see your desires realized."

- Bestselling author of Dear Universe

Peggy McColl


"Christy Whitman did it again, with her best work yet. The Desire Factor is a must read for anyone wanting to create any desire, no matter how big or small. Simple and yet profound."

- New York Times Bestselling Author


"The only thing that stops any of us from living our best lives are the limitations we place upon ourselves. We desire abundance, happiness, and creative expression, but hold doubts about our ability to attain those things. The Desire Factor expertly guides you through a seven-step process for releasing the brakes you’re unconsciously placing on yourself, so you have the freedom to generate energetic alignment with any outcome you desire to create."

- Founder of BraveThinking Institute


"Sirians are elated to see humans on Earth now claiming and embodying the 5th Dimensional awareness! As you tune into the energetic coding of this book, tuning into the Light emissions of Christy and The Council, you will discover The Desire Factor is a higher elevation attunement instrument... not just book. It is, in fact, a proof that humanity has accelerated into 5D."

- A World Renowned Channeller, two-time presenter at Carnegie Hall NYC


"A lot of people seek to manifest their desires from an outside-in approach: Identify the specific details of what is wanted and set on a path to creating them. In this book, Christy Whitman offers an entirely different paradigm. The Desire Factor guides you sequentially through seven universal principles that will teach you how to align the energy of your thoughts, moods, beliefs and expectations with whatever outcome you desire to manifest."

- WSJ best selling author of Scale or Fail


"The Desire Factor is a must read for anyone seeking to become a more deliberate creator of their own life. Christy Whitman breaks down how to change any circumstances by changing the energy we bring to it. Her seven-step process of Alignment, Focus, Joyful Expectation, Having, Loving, Surrender, and Action-demonstrates the necessary adjustments to make in your energy in order to magnetize the outcomes you desire."

- Author of Happy for No Reason


"The Desire Factor dispels the false dichotomy between leading a spiritually-based life and fulfilling one’s material desires. Once again, Christy Whitman shows us that we can, in fact, have it all."

- Multiple International Bestselling Author & Book Publisher


"The Desire Factor helps us to unlearn the false ideas that caught root in our early conditioning, then gently guides us to re-learn, replace and reinforce the truth about the powerful creators that we really are!"

- Founder of the @lawofattractionlive community Entrepreneur, Therapist & Trainer

Mike Dooley


"Let your burning desires set the world on fire and let Christy Whitman’s The Desire Factor light the way."

- New York Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities


"If you want to make your desires a reality, buy this book!"

- Nappytabs" director/choreographer two time Emmy winners (2011 and 2014) for Outstanding Choreography on So You Think You Can Dance

Jennifer Mclean


"Christy & The Council are delivering what the world needs right now. The new and original wisdom found in The Desire Factor is the perfect and important blend of universal wisdom and practical how-to steps to face your fears, fulfill your desires, and find yourself creating the life that you finally love. You are about to be proud of the life you are creating and sense true fulfillment. The council is one of the best places to turn for the most relevant and current insights. This book delivers, get this right now!"

- Creator of the Global Phenomenon: The Spontaneous Transformation Technique


"The quality of our relationship with our own desires determines the quality of our lives” This line alone speaks volumes to what it looks like to redefine success and how to find true joy in our lives. The Desire Factor packs a very powerful punch in not just the importance of our own desires but how we can put these desires to action, driving us forward daily to become the people we were made to be!"

- NBA Life Optimization Coach Motivational Keynote Speaker and Author


"This book is a bonafide manual for a new era of conscious living. The Desire Factor flips the antiquated notion that “wanting things is “bad” on its head and demonstrates the vibrational root of “desire” and how our desires propel us forward in our own evolution. It's how we grow all the very best things in our lives-truly "the secret sauce". Once again, Christy Whitman leads us to the next level of understanding about the Laws of the Universe and how we can apply them for our most joyful expansion."

- National Bestseller-The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation


"We all have desires, all the time…large, small, expected, inexplicable, and everything in between. Christy Whitman’s The Desire Factor brilliantly dives deep into the core of what’s behind our ‘silly dreams,’ revealing that indeed the longings of our soul are signals from God, Universe’s beacons for our path. Her methodology takes the guilt and shame out of the equation and goes all the way to the why, all while cleverly tackling some heavy philosophical topics with humor, wit, and charm. I can’t recommend this book enough!"

- Professional Dancer on Dancing With The Stars

Anita Moorjani


"The Desire Factor uncovers a simple and profound formula for aligning with the frequencies of consistent abundance and fulfillment – regardless of the desire you have. Feeling an internal connection, all your greatest desires unfold easily and swiftly."

- New York Times bestselling author of Dying to Be Me and What If This Is Heaven


"The Desire Factor is a simple, straight-forward guide for harnessing the powerful, unseen forces that orchestrate every act of creation. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to manifest any desire."

- Queen Visionary and CEO of HeartCore Business


"The Desire Factor is a handbook that teaches you how to manifest any desire, big or small. Christy reveals the art and science of creating fulfillment and empowerment in every aspect of your life. Bravo Christy for sharing these important principles."

- Bestselling Author of Unstoppable and Founder & CEO of Unstoppable Foundation

Janet Bray Attwood


"Passion is an important aspect in creating your desires. Energy is the source of all manifested things, and The Desire Factor is the definitive guide to achieving energy mastery. This is a must read for anyone that has any desire, big or small!"

- New York Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test

Katherine Woodward Thomas


"Christy Whitman takes the mystery out of manifestation with this beautifully written, clear and insightful guide on how to create all that your heart desires. Her optimistic encouragement will inspire you to go for the gold in life. A must-read for those on the path of personal empowerment and collective awakening."

- New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One”


"One of the seven principles to The Desire Factor is the Principle of Loving. Since love is the most powerful, creative energy in the universe, we must not only love ourselves, but love our desires as if we already have them. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to release their fears and doubts and start living into their deepest desires."

- Actress, author and healer

Debra Ponema Endorsement For The Desire Factor


"What a relief it is to find someone who doesn't chastise you for desiring that sleek new Tesla or decadent trip to the Greek Isles but rather illuminates the intrinsic value of all desires. The knowledge and tools in The Desire Factor are fresh and unique. This is not a rehashing of what we already know but a completely new angle that can change the trajectory of your life forever."

- Bestselling Author and Founder of Yes to Success Seminars


"It's okay to desire, it's okay to want. Deciding what you desire starts the manifestation process. The Principles in this book will help you use your own thoughts and energy so you can apply Law of Attraction deliberately to attract your desires. Attract more of what you desire to have -- an experience, a relationship, and ideal career, and material and non-material things. If it brings you joy or fulfillment -- that satisfies your goal... that's living your full spiritual power. Start with the decision to DESIRE and use this book to help you get there."

- Bestselling Author, Law of Attraction, Law of Connection, and Your Life's Purpose

Ashley Stahl


"The Desire Factor is a much needed guide to help you pursue what truly inspires you at work."

- Career Coach, Speaker & Author of You Turn

Ashley Stahl


"In my 15 years of studying the human body, mind, and spirit, it’s clear that your mind is responsible for the creation of your life. In The Desire Factor, Christy Whitman demonstrates how to reconnect with your personal desire with an easy to follow protocol to create the life you want. As a student of the Law of Attraction, I know that what you think and feel manifests into physical form. That is why having access to the right teachers and tools is needed to provide you with the support you need to create your dream life."

- Creator NWMethod, Transformational Coach, Celebrity Fitness Trainer


"I had finished the book in a few days. What I really appreciated was that the teachings were clearly explained and connected to daily practical life. Overall I liked the energy that radiated out of the text. It’s so inspiring and joyful.

My biggest aha moment was that it’s not only about getting what you want but also the growth you experience while becoming the person that attracts the desire. Even if you don’t get that desire. And maybe something better is waiting in the end.

It was also a big aha moment for me when it was clearly described that just taking a lot of action is not the best thing to do. That it has to be inspired action and that sometimes things just sort themselves out and it’s best not to get in the way. I guess it was that piece about that successful businessman that was worrying where his next clients would come from. As a go-getter myself and wanting to be in control this is something I’m working on myself."